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June 30, 2019

Finding the Best Commercial HVAC Contractor

When it comes to commercial HVAC systems, they have to be functioning properly at all times.  You can’t tell commercial tenants to go stay with relatives until the heating or air conditioning is restored.  There are also employment laws that dictate your employees need to have a suitable environment to work in.  When something does go wrong then finding the best commercial HVAC contractor becomes crucial.  Let us show you how to find one.

Determine the Problem

First you need to know what the problem or the symptoms are.  Is the system making funny noises or have your utility bills gone through the roof?  Both of these can be indicators that it is time to call in an HVAC contractor. Common problems with malfunctioning systems are frozen coils, faulty fans, wiring problems and low coolant in the AC units.  Ignoring problems with your HVAC system won’t make them go away, on the contrary it will only make things worse and more expensive down the line.  Dealing with your problem in the early stages can save you money in the long run.

Check Out any Potential Contractors

Before you call the first commercial HVAC contractor that you see in a Google search you should do a little more research than that.  Put in some time and effort and don’t rely on the promises any company makes.  Rather check out their reputation and you can do that online as well.  Read reviews from other clients and see how they have treated previous customers.  Do they show up on time?  Is their pricing reasonable?  Did their clients have a good experience when dealing with the company?  Happy clients write positive reviews and unhappy customers aren’t shy either.  You also want a company that has the right experience with your type of system.

Give them a Call and Get an Estimate

Every HVAC company will tell you that they have the best and most knowledgeable technicians, they can’t all be right.  They will also promise you the best service in town.  However you can’t really gauge their professionalism until you deal with them directly.  Give them a call and discuss your situation, are they willing to come and have a look at your system to see what kind of repairs that you need.  Do they offer any kind of free estimates?  Are they professional over the phone?  All of this will go into determining if they are the right HVAC company for your commercial needs.

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